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ASP.NET  4.0 버전에 대한 새로운 기능을 동영상으로 보여주고 있습니다.

10-4 and Jonathan Carter just did a great episode where they walk through creating a sample with ADO.NET Data Services, and showcase some of the things that have changed since we released ASP.NET AJAX Preview 3.  There's some great coverage on DataView, AdoNetDataContext (formerly AdoNetDataSource), and bindings.  Jonathan also goes through command bubbling and item selection integration with master-detail DataViews.  The cool thing is that Jonathan uses imperative code, as opposed to the declarative syntax that I've gone over before in my ADO.NET post. 

The choice is largely a preference, but both methods are perfectly valid.  The video is about 27 minutes long, but is well worth it.  Silverlight is required, click here for the video. 

Note that the demo was created using preview bits that are not yet available on CodePlex, but are coming soon in a future CodePlex release.  For now, aside from the new DataContext stuff, most of what is in the video can be accomplished with the ASP.NET AJAX Preview 3, available here.



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