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이번달에도 어김없이 버전을 올렸네요..

변경사항이 영문이네요. 

it does a little more, including:

  • Elements Returned in Document Order
  • .live() Can Now Prevent Bubbling
  • :visible/:hidden Overhauled
  • .height()/.width() Overhauled
  • Selector Speed-up in IE
  • .appendTo()/etc. Now Return Inserted Elements

It is also fun to look at the grab back of possible features on the table for 1.4 and beyond. Here are just a few:

  • jQuery.require (require JavaScript modules and CSS to load before ready runs)
  • Dynamic loading of modules when they're needed (would require synchronous script loading in core)
  • $.contains (determine if an element is inside another one)
  • Handle HTML injection in XML documents (serialize a DOM then insert)
  • Implement a .extract()/.detach() method (remove the element from the DOM, leaves events and data intact)
  • Use querySelectorAll for element-rooted queries
  • Piggy-back on a central data cache, if one exists.
  • Allowing a function as the "setter" argument for .css() -- like we have in .attr() -- and maybe for .val(), .html(), and .text() as well.
  • Offset: Faster Initialization, use parseFloat, boundingClientRect check
  • Events: Have img.load check for .complete in IE, Multiple binding with namespaces, Event scoping, .live() improvements
  • Ajax: Use JSON API if available to parse JSON, Dynamic loading of stylesheets
  • Effects: Synchronized animations, fadeTo show also show the element, if it's hidden


위의 경로에 가면 변경사항에 대해 예제로 자세히 설명되어 있으니 어려움이 없을거라 생각이 듭니다. ^__^




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