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참 좋은 내용이 많다. 네이게이션을 스마트폰에서 볼 때 가독성 높게 만든 부분이 인상적이다.

그리고 툴바 비슷한 기능도 제공한다. 툴바는 귀엽게도 라운드 처리 되어 있어서 귀엽다.

For making your website more creative and innovative jQuery plugins for web designers resolves almost every issue. Answers to many design and development issues occurring solutions are in the form of following time-saving plugins available.

One of the most popular javascript libraries available online is jQuery free plugins, and almost every developer and designers have knowledge about its functionality and features. For making your website more creative and innovative free jQuery plugins resolves almost every issue. Answers to many design and development issues occurring solutions are in the form of following time-saving plugins available. For your ease we have further classified the plugins in the categories: Layouts, Navigation, Social and Sharing, Sliders and Carousels, Image Management, Forms, Typography and Text, and finally a selection of jQuery plugins for free download that don’t quite fit into a particular category but are useful enough to stand alone. Developers come out with plugins every now and then which prove them to be useful in every situation at the right time.  To make more out of the available time we have jot the available best free jQuery plugins under the same roof.

Best Free jQuery Plugins

For this month despite of having some less themes for the developers and the designers the collection available is pretty good comprising of handy javascript frameworks worth checking out and saving the useful ones depending upon individual choice and the need at that time. So have a look at the great collection of best free jQuery plugins and comment as each blogger likes comments on the work done by him.

Simple jQuery Image Rotator On Mouse Hover – Images rotation

Best Free jQuery Plugins

Images Rotation is a simple image rotator plugin for jQuery that automatically rotates an array of images at a specified speed when hovers over an image container.


Responsive Infinite Carousel jQuery Plugin – jQuery slippity


slippity is a fresh new and lightweight jQuery plugin for creating a responsive content slider with infinite loop support and arrows & dots navigation.


Slide and Push Menus


A set of fixed menus that will slide out from any of the edges of the page. The two menus that slide out from the left and right side can also be used in combination with the body moving to the left or right side, respectively, hence being “pushed”.


Responsive Naviagtion Menu with jQuery – HorizontalNav


HorizontalNav is a jQuery Menu plugin for creating Responsive Horizontal menus on your webpage.


Smint : Sticky Menu with Smooth Scroll


The main addition is the addition of active states on the nav when you scroll down the page. As you scroll, the class ‘active’ is added to the link of the section you are viewing. Also incorporated a disbale class, just in case there are some links in your nav that dont scroll, perhaps link to an external site or launch a pop etc. Just add the class ‘smint-disable’ to a link.


Merry Christmas Parallax Scrolling Effects


Awesome parallax scrolling effects built with skrollr.js for create a beautiful Merry Christmas site. skrollr is a Stand-alone parallax scrolling lib for mobile (Android + iOS) and desktop in just over 3.4k (gzipped) for desktop that allows you to animate any CSS property of any element depending on the horizontal scrollbar position. All you need to do is define key frames for each element at certain points in top scroll offset.


Simple jQuery Plugin For Customizable Weather Widget

Best Free jQuery Plugins

MetCast is a simple and fast jQuery plugin that fetches the real time local weather conditions of any locations worldwide from worldweatheronline.com and displays as a customizable weather widget on your website.


Basic jQuery Content Rotator Plugin – Rotation.js


Rotation.js is a simple and customizable jQuery content rotator plugin for rotating any html elements with transition easing effects, a little similar to a slideshow.


Cool Kitten


It is a collection of HTML/CSS and JavaScript files to be used for web designers and developers.The best way to have a website with abilities to be viewed in every computer, tablet and mobile.


Cover-flow Effect with Image Reflection Effect Using jQuery and jQuery UI


qpcoverflow is a simple jQuery & jQuery UI component that replicates the familiar cover flow effect with image reflection to scroll through an array of images.


Unslider – A ‘Super-Tiny’ jQuery Slider


The jQuery slider that just slides. No fancy effects or unnecessary markup, and it’s less than 3kb


A Device-Agnostic Approach to Complex Site Navigation

Best Free jQuery Plugins

FlexNav is a mobile-first example of using media queries and javascript to make a decent multi-level menu with support for touch, hover reveal, and keyboard tab input accessibility. Special attention is paid to touch screens using tap targets (the key feature of FlexNav).


Facebook-Like Timeline with 3D Effect


A  CSS-only Facebook-Like timeline with a 3D effect.The idea is to expand a content area when the associated radio input is selected.


Simple Number Spinner Input Plugin For jQuery


DP Number Picker is a jQuery plugin for converting a DIV element into a spinner input that allows to pick a number by clicking the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons.


Smart Menus


Website menus that work on all devices.




Toolbar allows you to quickly create tooltip style toolbars for use in web applications and websites. The toolbar is easily customisable using the twitter bootstrap icons and provides flexability around the toolbars display and number of icons.


File Replacement with jQuery – FileInput


FileInput is a jQuery input replacement intended to style and customize the button and input filed of the standard input type=”file” elements.


jQuery Plugin For Lightbox Style Confirm Interface – confirmOn

Best Free jQuery Plugins

confirmOn is an useful jQuery plugin for creating a modal box style confirmation popup when performing important actions on your web page.


Attractive jQuery Circular Countdown Timer Plugin


TimeCircles is a simple yet attractive jQuery plugin for creating a countdown or count up timer with cool looking circular design.


jQuery Plugin For One Page Navigation Plugin


Page Scroll To ID is a jQuery plugin to create anchor links which allow you to vertically and horizontally scroll to corresponding sections of your page with custom animations and easing effects. For each section there’s a ‘back to top’ link and a ‘next’ link which allows to scroll to next section. Ideal for creating a trendy & pretty one page website layout. Check the demo pages in the zip for more advanced usages.




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