factory pattern c#

using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq;using System.Text;using System.Threading.Tasks;namespace FactoryPatternSample{ class Program { interface ILogger { void Log(string Message); } e..

using .NET 4's Lazy<T> type - Singleton 패턴

Sixth version - using .NET 4's Lazy<T> type If you're using .NET 4 (or higher), you can use the System.Lazy<T> type to make the laziness really simple. All you need to do is pass a delegate to the constructor which calls the Singleton const..

c# 디자인 패턴

http://www.dofactory.com/Patterns/Patterns.aspxDesign Pattern TutorialDesign patterns are recurring solutions to software design problems you find again and again in real-world application development. Patterns are about design and interaction of object..

추천할 만한 java design pattern 사이트

추천할 만한 java design pattern 사이트http://www.oodesign.com/Creational Design Patterns:Click to zoomSingleton - Ensure that only one instance of a class is created and Provide a global access point to the object.When to Use , Com..

Controller Patterns for ASP.NET

http://www.developerfusion.com/article/9450/controller-patterns-for-aspnet/ This is the second in a series of three articles that looks at the built-in support for standard design patterns in ASP.NET, and how you can implement common patterns ..

Observer Pattern in Asp.net

observer 패턴이다. 옵져버 패턴은 이를 살펴보는것이 아니라... 변경된 것을 알려주고 이를 반영하는 것이다. 즉.... 살펴보는것이 아닌 알려주는 역할이라는 것을 숙지해야 한다. http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/observer-pattern-asp-net.aspx